My Resumé

The "My Resumé" portion of the main Career Center page gives you at-a-glance info about your resume that you entered as part of your profile.  If you have not yet created a profile, you will see a Create Profile link.  (See Creating a Candidate profile for more information.)

If you have created a profile, the "My Resumé" section will show you the Desired Title you chose on your profile in bold at the top.  Under that, you will see an Edit My Resumé link which you can use to update your Desired Job Title, Resumé Text, and uploaded resumé file (see the Candidate profile: Resumé instructions for details).

At the bottom of this section, you'll see how many times your profile has been viewed by Recruiters.  Every time a Recruiter finds your Candidate profile and clicks on it, the system records it.  To see a list of all the companies that have accessed your resume, click View Companies.  You will see a listing of all Recruiters who have viewed your resume, and you can click any one of them to access their full Recruiter profile.