Candidate Center: Search Jobs

On your Candidate Center main page, you can use the Quick Search to search for jobs by keyword.  Just type in one or more search terms into the "Quick Search" box.  You can also enter a City and/or State to narrow your results if you prefer.  Then either press <Enter> or click .  The system will search for jobs that match any of the words you entered.  You will then get a page of all candidates who match your search criteria.  (See Job search results for more information.)

You can also browse for jobs by category if you prefer.  You can choose a category from the dropdown list and click to see all jobs in that category.  You can also click the Browse link, which takes you to a page of all the categories; click the category you would like to browse.

If you want more control over your search criteria, click the Advanced Search link.  This will take you to a page that allows you to search by keywords, except that you can choose how it searches.  NOTE: If you do not see any fields on this page, contact the web site administrator for assistance.

Besides searching for key words, you can optionally search by specific fields, which are listed below the Keywords box.

Here are explanations of the different search types.