Membership Services Committee

At a glance:

  • Coordinates “New Member Orientation” and “First Timers” reception.
  • Assists with member recruitment & retention contacts.
  • Advises the Board & other committees on GEDA member needs.

New Members of GEDA are invited to attend one of this Committee's "New Member Orientation" programs and the "First Timers” reception at the Annual Conference and the Spring Workshop, respectively. These functions serve to welcome & inform new members about GEDA, to encourage member participation in Committees, and to understand how to get the most benefit from GEDA membership. This Committee also assists with member recruitment & retention contacts. For example, these efforts may focus on geographic or professional areas where stronger GEDA participation is desirable. The Membership Services committee also helps to advise the Board and other committees on how best to address GEDA member needs.

Member publications (not a committee): GEDA's staff assists with development of GEDA publications, such as the GEDA Gazette and the GEDA Membership Directory (both now changed to electronic formats). The staff works with all committees and the Board for further development of the GEDA web site, through which a number of web documents & publications are available to GEDA members. 

For more information, contact Committee Chair Missy Kendrick.

Full list of Committee Members

2014 Action Plan

Action Items:



 I.            GEDA 101 and New Member Luncheons at Conferences.

A.  Notify all new members prior to conference and personally invite, utilizing Membership Services Committee members.
II.           Member Representation from all counties.
              A.  Get with GEDA staff to identify the counties who are not represented.
              B.  Work with regional representatives from DOL, DCA and GDEcD to identify who to invite.
              C.  Contact and invite – sharing possible free membership.
III.          Table Topics for New Members
A.  Have Board Members host a table for the new members and include a broad representation of economic development stakeholders. 
B.  Contact new members upon joining and have them share a topic that they would be interested in learning more about.
C.  Include subject matter experts at table topics.
IV.         Regional GEDA Meetings
              A.  Line up hosts for regional meetings.
              B.  Invite key regional stakeholders.
              C.  Invite all organizations in the region and invite prospective new members.
V.           Mentor Program
              A.  Provide structure for mentor program.
              B.  Give a choice to new members to see if they are interested in having a mentor.
              C.  Secure mentors from experienced economic developers in GEDA.
              D.  Assign mentors as needed.
VI.         Special Service Awards
              A.  Continue to increase awareness and visibility of all GEDA special awards.
                             1.  Generate articles and press releases about honorees.
                             2.  Committee members to speak at monthly luncheons to encourage nominations.
B.  Submit GEDA Deal of the Year award winners to SEDC for Community Economic Development Award (CEDA) consideration.
C.  Enhance application/nomination process.
              1.  Review online application process.
              2.  Review award timeline (call for nominations, processing, awarding, etc.)

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