Marketing & Communications Committee

For more information, contact Committee Chairs Kevin Johnson.

Full list of Committee Members

2014 Action Plan


1.     GOAL 1: Enhance GEDA newsletter (April Deadline) (Newsletter Subcommittee)
a.     Introduce new layout and design strategies.
b.     Look into constant contact if budget allows.
c.     Provide content support.
2.     GOAL 3: Establish Subcommittee groups along with team leaders. (January)
a.     Organize subcommittee groups:  Newsletter,  Social Media, Website Support, Legislative, Media Toolkit Content & Deliverable,  Interactive / Design 
* Groups subjected to change during the development process.
3.     GOAL 2: Provide Support for the Spring and Annual Conferences (Interactive / Design & Media Subcommittees)
a.     Provide marketing and communication assistance to support the spring and annual conferences.
b.     Establish a panel discussion:“Do and Don’ts Regarding a Project”
4.     GOAL 4: Social Media (Ongoing)(Social Media Subcommittee)
a.     Encourage members to provide fresh content
b.     Photograph Spring and Annual Conferences
c.     Video record luncheon speakers for YouTube.
5.     GOAL 5:  Survey (Late November) (Media Subcommittee)
a.     Receive member feedback for conferences, luncheons, and events from survey monkey
b.     Offer $50 or $100 gift card prize incentive for completing the survey.  One name will be drawn to receive the prize.
6.     GOAL 6:  Media Toolkit (Media Subcommittee)
a.     Provide at least 2 media/communication helpful hints for GEDA members.  Items will be added to the website for members to view at their convenience.  
7.     GOAL 7: Legislative (Legislative Subcommittee)
a.     Provide helpful hints and reminders to encourage communication with state and local representatives. Hints will be included in the newsletter or reminder email.