Existing Industry & Workforce

2021 Action Plan
  1. Create an updated Existing Industry/Workforce Committee that will be representative of each region of the State of Georgia.
    1. Using data from the 2020 survey to determine participation
    2. Committee will be fully announced by Spring Workshop
  2. Provide all members of GEDA access to a the COVID-19 Blane Canada Survey – GEDA Version.
    1. Release Survey by end of 1st Quarter
    2. Results will be distributed by end of 2nd Quarter
    3. Survey will be a tool for GEDA members to add value to their current industries and local agencies for quality data.
  3. Host a quarterly Webinar Series with the Carl Vinson Institute of Georgia.
    1. GEDA – CVIOG Presents Workforce Pipeline Webinar Series
    2. Four Webinars in 2021
      1. Successful k-12 Engagement
      2. Leveraging YouScience in Your Talent Development Strategy
      3. Data & Strategies for Reaching the Unemployed and Underemployed Individuals
      4. The Workforce of the Future
Committee Chair
Serra Hall Newton/Covington Economic Development Office skphillips@selectnewton.com 770-786-7510