Membership Services Committee

At a glance:

  • Coordinates “New Member Orientations” at Spring Workshop and Annual Conference and “New Member Table Topics” at monthly luncheons.
  • Assists with member recruitment & retention contacts.
  • Advises the Board & other committees on GEDA member needs.

New Members of GEDA are invited to attend one of this Committee's "New Member Orientation" programs at the Annual Conference and Spring Workshop. These functions serve to welcome and inform new members about GEDA, to encourage member participation in Committees and SIGs, and to understand how to get the most benefit from GEDA membership. Also, this Committee assists with member recruitment and retention contacts. For example, these efforts may focus on geographic or professional areas where stronger GEDA participation is desirable. The Membership Services committee advises the Board and other committees on how best to address GEDA member needs.

Additionally, the Membership Services Committee Chair plans the GEDA Annual Awards ceremony, currently held each November.

Member publications (not a committee): GEDA's staff assists with development of GEDA publications, such as the GEDA Monthly Newsletter and the GEDA Membership Directory (both are electronic formats). The staff works with all committees and the Board for further development of the GEDA web site, through which a number of web documents & publications are available to GEDA members.

For more information, contact Committee Chair, Mitch Griggs.

2019 Action Plan

  • Recruitment of new members
    1. Recruitment of new members (who is here and who is not here) – find out what counties are not represented and reach out to allies, JDAs, to encourage membership through a guest invitation to a luncheon
    2. Recruitment of members in state agencies that are not present – evaluate who is present and how could we increase interactions with these agencies to help the members (EPD, TCSG, DOT, University ED VPs)
  • Retention and Orientation:
    1. Encourage orientation: use developed PowerPoint of “GEDA 101” to encourage engagement
    2. Have committee chairs present at orientation for 2 minutes or to call to explain what committees do for new members
  • New Member Applications
    1. Have committee chairs reach out to each new person and introduce themselves and encourage them to connect to a committee if they did not select

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