Executive Director - Sumter County Development Authority

Posted By: Barbara Grogan Job Board ,

Date Needed: 5/6/2019

Location: Americus, Georgia

Category: Development Authority

Position Type: Full Time

Education Requirement: Bachelor's Degree

Experience Requirement: 3-5 Years

How to Apply/Contact: bgrogan@selectsumter.com

Job Description & Details: 

POSITION TITLE: Executive Director

REPORTS TO: Sumter County Development Authority

SUPPORT TO: Sumter County Development Authority

Sumter County Development Authority Created by a constitutional amendment in the State of Georgia in 1962, the Americus Sumter Payroll Development Authority, called the Sumter County Development Authority, was established to enhance the economic environment of Sumter County through growth of the private sector. The Authority actively works with existing and prospective businesses who are considering Sumter as their location for growing and creating jobs. The Authority maintains the Ted Baldwin Business and Technology Park, a contact center, a spec building and manufacturing facilities as well. The Authority is equipped with incentives for growth, and over 600 acres of developable land. The Authority is led by appointed Sumter County citizens. Members serve five year terms, and are tasked with providing leadership, direction, and industry knowledge to create opportunities for growth in Sumter County. Two members are appointed by the Sumter County Board of Commissioners, two members are appointed by the City of Americus, and one member is jointly appointed by both. The Authority is staffed by an Executive Director. The Authority seeks an experienced Executive Director to lead the Authority with prospect development and implement a recently created Sumter County Development Authority Strategic Plan and Implementation Program 2019 – 2023.

Desired Characteristics of a Candidate:

• Self-motivated and directed, with flexibility to accommodate multiple tasks simultaneously.

• Time management skills with timely execution of work, while in a deadline-oriented environment.

• Accuracy in quick decision making when dealing with the economic management teams.

• Independent judgement while simultaneously considering the financial, socio-economic, legal and regulatory variables as they affect the Authority and economic development as a whole.

• Critical thinking and analysis skills of information and the impact of any actions from the information.

• Excellent writing and communications skills are essential.

General Statement of Job: The Executive Director maintains a continuous focus to all economic development related activities community-wide, including those of the various partners in the community. The Director works closely and maintains professional networks with the Council of each municipality, the Board of Commissioners, the Downtown Development Authority, the Tourism Council, the Chamber of Commerce, the One Sumter Economic Development Foundation, K-16 education partners, and other entities as needed who play a role in economic development activities.

The Director is responsible for consulting with local officials, community leaders, and retail and industry executives for the purpose of promoting economic growth through expansion and retention of existing industrial and commercial bases, and attraction of new business into the County. Duties include development of data, statistics, and publications, which portray the economic potential of the county; identification of prospective industries; and maintaining proper records, reports, and public information for the Authority. Along with local partnerships, the Director maintains a productive working relationship with state and federal agencies, professional organizations, and statewide project developers with utility companies. The Director serves at the pleasure of the Development Authority Board of Directors. The Director serves as sole staff for the Authority. Accounting and legal services are provided on a contracted basis. Some evening and weekend hours will be required as needed for work completion.

Essential Duties: Essential duties of the Executive Director include, but are not limited to, the following actions.

• Entity Functions

o Coordinate a cohesive community approach to economic development activities and needs.

o Ensure the Authority speaks the voice of the private sector - giving voice to its needs, strengthening it through the provision of resources, trainings and shared information, and ensuring its prominence in the community.

o Host and respond to community economic development tours, including VIP Red Carpet tours and others.

o Educate elected officials and community leaders of economic development needs through community site visits.

• Board and Committee Oversight, Development and Facilitation

o Facilitate annual board of director’s retreats as needed. o Assist board with developing yearly plan of work.

o Oversee and provide guidance for board appointments.

o Oversee and provide guidance for adherence to by-laws and amendments as needed.

• Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing o Oversee marketing process of the Authority.

o Oversee development of marketing materials (videos - 10&3, brochures, etc.).

o Oversee media relations and news releases on behalf of Authority.

• Business Recruitment, Retention and Expansion

o Maintain relationships with manufacturing and industry leaders in community.

o Develop targeted industry recruitment materials, approach and process.

o Develop and maintain ongoing business recruitment, retention and expansion strategy.

• Property Management

o Manage, purchase, lease, maintain and develop property as needed.

o Be knowledgeable of community land and infrastructure resources (water, sewer, rail, gas, farm and developable land) as well as areas of issues and concerns.

• Finance and Resource Management

o Creation and oversight of annual budget, ensuring obligations are met and adequate funding is available for Authority operations.

• Annual Event Hosting

o Oversight coordination of annual events and VIP Community Tours.

• Prospect Development

o Respond to requests, coordinating data, financing options, deal structuring, incentives, and any other needs to respond to prospect requests.


• Bachelor’s degree in public or business administration, planning, economics, or related field. Master’s Degree or related experience preferred.

• At least 3-5 years of experience in public administration, community and economic development, real-estate/broker activities, or financial management.

• Experience directly interacting with internal and external partners and stakeholders while maintaining a positive attitude.

• Strong written and verbal communication skills.

• Strong attention to detail.

• Positive attitude focusing on team work.

• Strong organization and time management skills.

• Must conduct and present in a professional manner.

Compensation: The compensation package will be competitive based on the qualifications and experience of the candidate. The package will include opportunities for health, vision, dental and life insurance, vacation and sick leave, and the opportunity to participate in an IRA.

Submitting an Application: For additional information regarding the Sumter County Development Authority, visit www.selectsumter.com . To apply for the position, please send a cover letter and resume to bgrogan@selectsumter.com, or via postal mail to Post Office Box 724, Americus, GA 31709. Applications will be accepted through Tuesday, April 16, 2019, or until position is filled.