Literacy Mentor Coordinator, Administrative Director - Colquitt County Educational Foundation

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Position filled by: April 1, 2021

Location: Moultrie, Georgia

Categories: Education & Non-profit

Position Type: Full Time

Education Requirement: Bachelor's Degree

Experience Requirement: 1-2 years

Salary: Negotiable with Applicant

How to Apply/Contact:

Job Description & Details:


1) Foundation Administrative Director

2) Literacy Mentor Coordinator

3) Combined Roles

ORGANIZATION: Colquitt County Educational Foundation, Inc., a Non-Profit 501 (c) 3

REPORTS TO: Colquitt County Educational Foundation Board of Directors

The Colquitt County Educational Foundation was launched in 2020 in response to an identified need of literacy and mentoring services for children in Colquitt County. Through various strategic planning sessions, a community leader gathered other likeminded individuals who were willing to volunteer their time, services, and funding resources to move forward with creating an organization whose primary goal is to address literacy rates among children, through the lens of mentoring. Armed with many supporters, the organizing members launched the Colquitt County Educational Foundation (CCEF).

A foundation structure was selected as the mechanism for organizing and implementing the services, understanding the work may evolve to include additional educational and workforce training activities.

The Foundation seeks two staff members or a combination of the two, as defined below.

The first position is a part-time 1) Administrative Director to lead the strategic direction and vision for CCEF, its donors and community partners. The ideal candidate must be flexible and have the ability to accommodate multiple tasks. Excellent writing and communications skills are essential. Candidate will be required to work some evenings and weekends.

The Director should be self-motivated and directed, while being able to respond to the needs of both the Board of Directors and diverse community partners. The ideal candidate should have experience in non-profit management, community development, planning initiatives, fundraising, donor and media relations, community outreach, and maintaining a budget and financing.

The Director maintains positive and progressive working relationships with corporate and public leaders and entities in Colquitt County who serve as conduits for implementation of mentoring and educational programs. The Administrative Director position will be available on an annual basis and continue forward so long as there is sufficient funding provided through joint efforts of the Foundation and its donors.

The Director serves at the pleasure of the Foundation Board of Directors. The Foundation Directors work in partnership with the Colquitt County School System to implement county-wide literacy and educational programs for the betterment of children in the county.

Essential Duties: Essential duties of the Administrative Director include, but are not limited to, the following actions:

• Colquitt County Educational Foundation

o Strategically identify areas of educational need in the community. The priority of the CCEF is a focus of literacy among children. The Director should also be cognizant of others needs for future consideration, such as workforce and training programs.

• Foundation Board of Directors o Coordinate meeting logistics, facilitate note taking, minutes, strategic planning, and project development of the Foundation.

• Capital Funding, Budgeting and Financial Services o Provide support services and assistance to the Board of Directors as related to financial management.

 Tasks include:

• Maintain capital funding aspects as needed related to pledged funding.

• Pursue grant opportunities as available to support the work of the Foundation, particularly those which are pledged donors of the Foundation.

• Develop and maintain an annual working budget for Foundation operations.

• Provide day-to-day bookkeeping responsibilities and billing of donors on behalf of the Foundation, with support from Foundation’s Treasurer.

• Maintain Accounts Payable and Receivable for the Foundation, with support from the Foundation’s CPA.

• Develop and maintain an annual budget for activities, according to available funding streams.

• Assist Foundation Board of Directors and volunteers in the pursuit of capital donations.

• Oversee financial audit and accountability process on three-year basis.

• Public Relations, Advertisement and Marketing

o Communicate goals and accomplishments of the CCEF to donors, corporate and public leaders, and the community at large.

o Development and implement marketing items as appropriate through all available media venues including but not limited to print, social media, radio and television.

Desired Skills and Expertise

• Experience organizing and managing small to large scale projects and events

• Proven experience working in a multi-tasking environment

• Proven time management skills and ability to work under pressure

• Ability to work independently, with little supervision and as part of a team

• Great communication skills

• Staff/volunteer management experience

• Fundraising and sponsorship experience

• Facilitation, strategic planning, and implementation experience


• Bachelor’s degree in public or business administration, non-profit management, communications, public relations, special event management, or a related field

• At least 3-5 years of experience in public administration, community and economic development, non-profit management, fundraising, donor or member relations, communications, public relations, or special event management

• Experience directly interacting with internal and external partners and stakeholders while maintaining a positive attitude

• Self-motivation and accountability for every aspect of project management to exceed Board of Directors and donor expectations is essential

• Expert knowledge of all types of media

• Strong written and verbal communication skills

• Strong attention to detail

• Positive attitude focusing on teamwork

• Must have excellent customer relations’ skills

• Strong organization and time management skills

• Must agree to and pass a criminal background check (including fingerprints)

• Basic knowledge and understanding of Microsoft Office Suite (.doc, excel, outlook, etc.)

• Must conduct yourself in a professional manner


The compensation package will be competitive based on the qualifications and experience of the candidate.

• Professional development and training as needed.

• Ability to make a significant and positive impact on community.

The second position is a fulltime 2) Literacy Mentor Coordinator.

The Mentor Coordinator is a critical link in the ongoing implementation, professional development, communication, planning, documentation, monitoring and evaluation processes required for the successful day-to-day operation of the CCEF Mentoring Program. The Coordinator is responsible for guiding and administering necessary on-going training sessions and effectively communicating project scope, goals and deliverables as a liaison between active partners and the CCEF; this includes leading the implementation and strategic direction of the initiative and day-to-day management of programs, working to implement project goals/services, which includes monitoring and tracking participants (students and mentors) and project progress and managing project changes or other interventions to achieve goals set forth. Reports to: Chairperson of the CCEF Academic Improvement Outcome Committee

Essential Duties: Training/Technical Support

• Observe and coach mentors around program model and best program practices

• Support and provide constructive feedback/coaching to assist mentors with effective program delivery and establishing program norms

• Communicate effectively and often with designated school and staff around progress of program and identify program challenges as they arise and work with program mentors and school staff to resolve and make necessary process improvements

• Assist with planning and coordinating volunteer orientation, retention, and ongoing training at the school sites Monitoring and Evaluation

• Monitor on-going performance and satisfaction of program across school sites to ensure adherence with program standards

• Assist mentors and CCEF Academic Improvement Outcome Committee in developing tactics to ensure an ongoing enhanced volunteer recruitment and mentor experience Administrative Functions

• Coordinate, track and monitor surveys, evaluation data, etc.

• Effectively track and follow-up on incidents and/or concerns of mentors, in consultation with CCEF Academic Improvement Outcome Committee (when necessary)

• Respond to all e-mail, text, and voice messages in a timely manner

• Coordinate and work hand-in-hand with CCEF Administrative Director


• Minimum Bachelor’s degree, or equivalent combination of education and experience

• Must agree to and pass a criminal background check (including fingerprints)

• Excellent communication and organizational skills; ability to give and receive constructive feedback

• Creative, responsible, organized, flexible, self-motivated, and enjoys being with children and values education; ability to adapt to changing environments and work cooperatively with different types of personalities

• Basic knowledge and understanding of Microsoft Office Suite (.doc, excel, outlook, etc.) • Must conduct yourself in a professional manner


• Ongoing professional development and training

• Ability to make a significant and positive impact on community

• Ability to make measurable impact on students’ literacy

• Access to Teacher Retirement System of Georgia benefits if qualified for certification through GAPSC

The third position is a combined role of serving as the

3) Literacy Mentor Coordinator and Administrative Director. The position would be a combination of the two job descriptions listed above, should a candidate believe they can address both roles appropriately.

Submitting an Application: For additional information regarding the Colquitt County Educational Foundation, Inc., visit To apply for a position, please send a cover letter and resume to Applications will be accepted through February 19, 2021, or until positions are filled.