Marketing & Communications Committee

For more information, contact Committee Chair:
Liz O'Connor Evans General Contractors 678-485-8566

2024 Action Plan

GOAL: Position GEDA as the association of choice for key interest groups through strategic marketing & communications

Objective: Develop and deploy marketing strategies that support Board efforts and increase GEDA brand's visibility/connectivity to members, prospective members and policymakers


• Conduct select perception survey of members, prospective members and policymakers to gain insights through primary or secondary sources

• Perform "lite" brand and experience audit

• Perform engagement audit and competitor analysis for related industry associations

• Invest in social media management platform solution to enhance GEDA's digital storytelling methods and metrics

• Collaborate with board, committee and other chairs' to identify opportunities for digital campaigns to support initiatives

• Reinforce GEDA as experts on job creation and policy impacts through curated storytelling

• Develop annual shared calendar to map out critical content opportunities

• Create a virtual abode to house photos/content to create queue for content mapping