Marketing & Communications Committee

2018 Action Plan

  • Conduct a survey of membership, and ask which medium is their preferred choice for news consumption. Choices would consist of Newsletter/Email, Facebook Posts, Twitter Updates, and/or Other (blank field left for specific content.)
  • Identify all members of GEDA on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and invite them to “Like” or “Subscribe” to GEDA’s various Social Media channels
  • Identify software/platform that will manage all of GEDA’s social media channels via a single interface
  • Create/repost content for GEDA’s Social Media channels which members can share on their respective social media channels
  • Recruit social media ambassadors who will share content with GEDA and share GEDA’s posts with their respective audiences
  • Create a GEDA page/profile on YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram
  • Create/repost content for to various social media channels
  • Allow GEDA staff to interact with social media channels in a easy-to-use interface
  • Allow GEDA Committee members and Board of Directors access information quickly, make decisions easily, and stay up to date on the responsibility/implementation/completion of tasks.
  • Live Stream monthly meetings, Annual Meeting workshops, and Spring Conference workshops
  • Educate members on public relations “best practices” to use in their own communities, as well as use in their interaction with GEDA

For more information, contact Committee Chair, J.R. Charles.