Professional Development Grants

Each year, GEDA offers more than $16,000 in professional development grant funds. With the exception of the Penn Worden Grant, all grants are available to GEDA members only. The exact number of grants in each category may vary based upon the number of applications and available funds each year, subject to GEDA Board approval. Following are other parameters:

  • Grants are offered throughout the year. Funding for each grant will be available in each round until funds are expended or the program(s) supported by the grant has taken place.
  • Grant payments may be used for registration, housing, transportation, and meals.
  • The recipient is responsible for meeting registration requirements and deadlines. Grants may be denied if the applicant does not meet the program requirements.
  • Applications must be received by midnight on the posted deadline in order to be reviewed by the committee.
  • Application submissions should include the completed application (all sections) and two letters of recommendation. Applications submitted by the deadline without the letters of recommendation will not be reviewed by the committee.
  • Applicants who decide to apply for more than one grant during a given calendar year may use the same letters of support during said year. (Letters of support from previous calendar years to the year seeking the grant should not be submitted.)
  • Applicants should apply for only one grant per round.
  • If awarded a grant, an applicant may be awarded up to one grant per calendar year.
  • Awarded grant funds are used for future events only. Grant funds will be provided on a cost-reimbursement basis for expenses incurred up to the amount of the available grant. (Awardees will be provided an expense form to submit to GEDA for cost reimbursement requests.)
  • The expense report should be sent to Grant Cagle, President & CEO, within 90 days of the event. Registration is the responsibility of the applicant, and late fees will not be covered.
  • Applications can be accessed in digital form by clicking on the program name on the list of grants. Applicants are encouraged to submit their applications by email to the contact provided in the application.


GEDA 2022 Grant Opportunities:
Program/Event Date(s)


Application Deadline
Basic Economic Development Course - Atlanta View Schedule Four (4) at $775 ASAP
IEDC Course Various Two (2) at $600 30 days prior to the event
CEcD Exam

Two (2) at $1000 30 days prior to the event
GEDA Spring Workshop Three (3) at $600 30 days prior to the event
GEDA Annual Conference Sep 14-16, 2022
The Hyatt Regency Savannah
Three(3) at $600 30 days prior to the event
Georgia Certified ED Professional Various Four (4) at $500 30 days prior to the event
Economic Development Institute (EDI) Various One (1) at $1,000 30 days prior to the event
Penn Worden Grant* Various $2,000 available funds 30 days prior to the event
International Missions Grant Various Two (2) at $1,000 30 days prior to the event

* Applications submitted after the deadline must have prior approval of the GEDA President.

*Funds from the Penn Worden Grant may be used by GEDA members toward any accredited economic development program OR by non-GEDA members representing a community not already represented in GEDA toward the cost of one year’s membership within GEDA.

For more information, contact Grant Cagle.