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The University of Georgia

The University of Georgia

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Adrianna Alley
Benjamin M. Brunjes Ph.D. Student
Christina Maria Van Allen Student
Christopher Blocker
Courtney Tobin
Emily Watson Archway Professional
Ethan Cartwright Research Assistant
Farrah Senn Archway Professional
Geoffrey Winston Loften Student
Hayden Huggins Student
Jennifer Frum Vice President for Public Service and Outreach
Joy Burch Archway Professional
Laura Meadows
Laura Meadows MPA Director, Carl Vinson Institute of Government
Lucy Holifield Director
Matt Bishop Faculty
Matthew Reiter Coordinator
Paul Brooks Associate Vice President
Saralyn Stafford
Saralyn Stafford CEcD, IOM Rural Development Manager, CVIOG
Sean McMillan
Sean McMillan Director, Office of Economic Development
Shalin Jyotishi Undergraduate student
Skip Teaster CEcD Assistant Director of Facilities
Steve Dempsey Ed.D Associate Vice President
Suzanne Barnett Director
W. Dennis Epps CEDT Deputy Director, Carl Vinson Institute of Governme
William Crowe Director, GA Center for Continuing Education