Chief Executive Officer - Ignite College and Career Academy, Board of Directors/Superintendent

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Date to fill position: June 1, 2020

Location: Americus, Georgia

Category: Education

Position Type: Full time

Education Requirement: Bachelor's Degree

Experience Requirement: 5-10 years

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Job Descrition & Details:

Visionary, Innovative Leadership and Management

• Serves as Chief Executive Officer of Ignite College and Career Academy

• Shows initiative as a proactive leader to define and instill the culture and climate of the school

• Creates annual operating plans that support strategic goals and objectives set by the Ignite Board of Directors

• Demonstrates prior experience in vision and strategy development in a partnership environment

• Builds, modifies and maintains effective teams through focused leadership and the resolution of conflicts, barriers and differences among all partners, encouraging all partners to give primacy in spirit of the partnership and the mission of Ignite

• Recommends personnel actions to the superintendent(s), Board of Directors and higher education partners

• Provides leadership seamlessly connecting secondary education and post-secondary education to real jobs

• Develops Ignite’s Annual Budget blending public and private investment

Workforce Development with Stakeholders and Implementer

• Collaborates with the principal(s), superintendent(s), and stakeholders to define and articulate the CCA’s vision and to develop strategies for achieving that vision

• Builds workforce culture by promoting positive working environments and exercising consistent values that reflect the organization’s mission

• Works with principal(s), CTAE Director and faculty to ensure the integrity of each program

• Leads the development of plans and specifications for new and renovated facilities for CTAE and academic programs

• Works jointly with the principal(s), ramps down projects/programs that are not meeting workforce development needs

• Coordinates the Industry Program Accreditation/Certification effort

• Researches, tracks and informs partners about legislation which impacts secondary and post-secondary environments

• Works with staff to ensure innovation and compliance

Partnership Building - Relationships and Funding

• Interacts with the business community and stakeholders to identify and secure/enhance sources of funding for projects and programs; primarily responsible for soliciting and managing private funds in support of Ignite

• Collaborates with area businesses, post secondary institutions and state agencies to provide workforce development in consideration of needs documented by the partnership under the CEO’s leadership

• Coordinates the development of board-approved endowment and the initiatives supported by the proceeds of that endowment

• Practices data-driven decision-making utilizing private sector input and student performance information

• Assures that the academy and its mission, programs and services are consistently presented in a strong, positive image to relevant stakeholders

• Serves as the primary spokesperson and representative for the CCA to all stakeholders

• Routinely measures and reports progress to all stakeholders