Executive Director - Development Authority of Fulton County

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Job Posting closes January 20, 2021

The Development Authority of Fulton County, a development authority and public body corporate and politic of the State of Georgia (the “DAFC”), seeks an Executive Director to oversee and manage the operations of the DAFC.

 In partnership with Fulton County (the “County”) and its municipalities, the DAFC’s mission is to stimulate quality economic development by expanding and diversifying the tax base, creating jobs, retaining existing businesses and sustaining quality of life for residents throughout the County. The DAFC serves as a strong economic development leader for the State of Georgia by offering economic development incentives, including facilitating state grants, federally taxable and tax-exempt transactions for non-profits, and tax incentive transactions.

 Position Overview:

 The Executive Director shall have sole, direct day-to-day responsibility for the administrative, financial and operational affairs of the DAFC, including, without limitation, supervision and management of administrative staff, as well as the marketing and business activities of the DAFC, and shall confer and/or meet with, at least weekly, the Chairman of the DAFC, but shall report to and serve at the pleasure of the DAFC.

 Duties and responsibilities may include the following:


  1. Key Responsibilities


  • Demonstrate continuous effort to improve operations, decrease turnaround times, streamline work processes and work cooperatively as a team player and jointly provide quality customer service
  • Assist and make recommendations to the Board in developing and implementing strategies, communicate and coordinate all written responses from the Board, and execute Board directives and requests in a timely manner
  • Responsible for correspondence and responses to DAFC requests
  • Plan and execute annual DAFC retreat and training session
  • Responsible for the interaction between the Executive Committee of DAFC, participate in committee meetings, and provide support services, as needed
  • Maintain a close working relationship with DAFC legal counsel
  • Work closely with other economic development partners and agencies in the County, state, and region


  1. Businesses and Clients

  • Identify, review and recommend clients for bond inducements to the DAFC, educate, establish business relationships and meet with clients on the process of working with DAFC, and facilitate initial stages of the bond transaction process


III. Marketing, Financial Reports, and GASB 77

  • Oversee the development and distribution of marketing materials on a local, national, and international level to promote and support the objectives of DAFC and facilitate the development of financial and economic development-related reports for DAFC


  1. Legal-Related Assistance


  • Work closely with DAFC legal counsel to ensure compliance with federal and state requirements, monitor legislation affecting development authorities and advocate for DAFC, as needed


  1. Select Fulton


  • Collaborate with the County Manager and Director of Select Fulton to develop strategic goals for Select Fulton in order to fulfill the policy vision of the DAFC and the County and coordinate with the Director of Select Fulton throughout each year to ensure Select Fulton’s successful implementation of the strategic goals
  • Serve as the primary contact for economic development in Fulton County, assist with preparing Select Fulton budgets, and create DAFC economic development activity reports, as requested

**Please visit the DAFC website at www.developfultoncounty.com for more information, including minimum qualification requirements and compensation. Anyone interested in this position may submit a resume and cover letter to the attention of Sandra Z. Zayac, DAFC legal counsel, at sandra.zayac@agg.com.**