President & CEO - Conyers Rockdale Economic Development Council

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Position to be filled by May 3, 2021

Location: Cartersville, Georgia

Category: Development Authority

Position Type: Full Time

Education Requirement: Bachelor's Degree

Experience Requirement: 3-5 years

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Job Description & Details: 
The president and chief executive officer is responsible for directing and facilitating inclusive and strategic economic development initiatives to grow and maintain jobs and increase the tax base in Conyers and Rockdale County. The professional is accountable for both commercial and industrial recruitment and maintenance. Other responsibilities include: providing leadership and guidance to the CREDC staff and board of directors; oversight of all daily operations; and, in collaboration with the community, developing and implementing a strategic economic development plan on an annual basis. The president represents the CREDC at meetings with clients, working with funding partners and the media.
Qualification Summary
Education and Experience
 Bachelor’s degree in the area(s) of economic development, real estate, public relations, business and/or marketing from an accredited college or university or equivalent experience.
 Three years of executive management leadership experience in the business, economic development and/or community development field, chamber of commerce, association, or a combination of these.
 A proven tenure in leading an organization through visionary growth and meaningful change to improve the business environment of the community.
 An innovative, creative and strategic thinker who has experience in developing relevant programs and goals to enhance the quality of life of Conyers and Rockdale County.
 Experienced team builder and leader who will effectively represent the CREDC in many environments. 

 A proven track record of successfully working with a board of directors, governments and community stakeholders.
Communication Skills
 Ability to develop and nurture value-added relationships with diverse business, government, community groups and individuals.
 Ability to make oral presentations to persuade others to accept a specific opinion, action and/or provide information or explain procedures, policies, etc.
 Excellent written communication and marketing skills that will enhance the development initiatives of the CREDC.
 Outstanding listening skills to clearly understand positions and instructions.
Financial Skills
 Sound understanding of budgets, income statements and balance sheets.
 Possess a clear understanding of revenue bonds and their positive impact on business growth opportunities; real estate financing; grant writing and administration; and governmental agreements, including but not limited to intergovernmental agreements and public/private contracts.
 Proficient with word processing, PowerPoint or Prezi, and Excel skills to prepare business correspondence and reports with speed and accuracy. 

 Clear grasp of current social media best practices, including implementation. Economic Development and Marketing
Specific Economic Development and Marketing Responsibilities
 Serve as the lead professional to prepare and market Conyers and Rockdale County for economic development projects, both commercial and industrial, considering a potential location to create new jobs and increase the tax base of the community. These duties shall include, but are not limited to, the following initiatives:
o Coordinate all economic development initiatives and strategies, prospect visits, existing industry and business expansions, product management.
o Continuously build upon a creative target marketing action plan to attract specific sector related businesses such as advanced manufacturing, technology and fintech in order to build a diverse tax base and blend of local businesses.
o Create and oversee all marketing platforms for economic development for the CREDC.
o Work with the chamber of commerce, education institutions, governments and business leaders on local, state and federal levels to enhance the economic development environment of the community.
o Develop, organize and deliver reports twice per year to local governments as allowed by confidentiality agreements with projects.
o Develop and maintain a strategy for an alliance with the economic development organizations and representatives from across the country. o Promote and provide various sources of financing for qualifying projects.
o Provide research, data and appropriate guidance to local, state and federal business and government leaders regarding the impact of economic development on the local tax digest.
o Serve as a team builder and facilitator between all local, state and federal officials as well as local and statewide utility and infrastructure vendors that impact the community.
 Develop and nurture relationships with existing companies in order to keep current investments in the area. This shall include, but not be limited to:
o Develop and maintain programs that encourage the expansion of existing businesses for job maintenance, creation and additional investments.
Workforce Development
 Engage with education institutions to build and attract a strong talent development program for existing businesses.
 Communicate talent development programs with local businesses on a consistent basis.
Community Development
 Serve as a leader and innovator in building a strong and viable business environment through pro-business legislation that will impact the overall success of businesses in the community.
 Operate as a resource and catalyst for affordable housing in the area that will create jobs and encourage the continued growth of the local economy.
Film Production
 Continue to build upon the success of film production opportunities in the Conyers and Rockdale region by marketing the area to target audiences.
 Maintain existing relationships with movie production companies and site selection groups.
Fiscal Management
 President will be required to become bonded as directed by the CREDC.
 Serve as the fiscal agent for all transactions relating to the CREDC through governmental contracts and laws. These duties shall include, but are not limited to, the following responsibilities:
o Develop and present for approval in a timely manner, on an annual basis, a budget that represents the goals and objectives of the CREDC. o Audit, allocate, and approve all invoices for expenses incurred by the CREDC supporting the operations of the organization.
o Consistently review options for additional funding sources to enhance the economic environment of the community. This shall include grants based on the needs of the community.
Organizational Leadership
 Lead, develop and empower a highly competent support staff, as allowed by annual budgets. These duties shall include, but are not limited to, the following responsibilities:
o Recruit CREDC members to assist in various tasks that may arise.
o Perform other duties that may be assigned by a member or members of the CREDC relating to economic development for Stephens County.
Decision Making Authority
 The president and chief executive officer is the administrative officer for the CREDC, reporting and coordinating with the chair, executive committee and board of directors. The president has the authority and responsibility to implement decisions within the policies set forth by the Board of Directors, in a manner consistent with the articles of incorporation, bylaws, policies, and practices of the CREDC and applicable federal, state and local laws. The president has the authority to enter contracts on behalf of the CREDC if pre-approved by the CREDC.