Public Private Partnership & Redevelopment SIG

Public Private Partnership & Redevelopment Chair:
Randall Toussaint City of Johns Creek (678) 282-0760

2023 Action Plan

Idea No.1: Partner with the Council for Quality Growth to co-host a webinar about best practices for redeveloping vacant office spaces in the COVID era.

   a. Description: The global pandemic has had a disruptive affect upon both the office and retail real estate markets. As the process of reopening workplaces around the world continues, join experts as they share tools and best practices for redeveloping dormant office spaces in the wake of COVID-19.

   b. Potential speakers:

      i. Hines (expertise: impact of COVID upon the global office market)

      ii. Parkside Partners (expertise: adaptive re-use/ reinventive spaces)

      iii. Kim Carter, Georgia DCA (expertise: public-private partnerships/ DCA’s Redevelopment Fund)

   c. Potential moderators:

      i. Jeff Santoro, Council for Quality Growth

Idea No. 2: Host a webinar about the growing trend of converting failing malls and struggling big box stores into warehouse/distribution facilities, in the wake of COVID. The event will explore how public-private partnerships are a driving force behind the redevelopment process.

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