Workforce Professionals Committee

For more information, contact Committee Chair:
Heath Tippens Cherokee Office of Economic Development (770) 345-0600
2024 Action Plan
  1. Educate members on relevant topics surrounding Workforce Professionals by hosting a webinar in late fall.
  2. Host gathering with committee members to learn from one another concerning workforce struggles.
  3. Create a sample template for simple BRE Surveys.
  4. Catalog existing industry/workforce toolkits around the state and share with membership.
  5. Engage Technical Colleges to be involved in committee discussions/action items.
Webinars & Resources
The Workforce of the Future Webinar

View Webinar Recording

New Talent Development Approaches (PDF)

Work in the Future -- Ideas and Strategies from the Staffing Industry (PDF)

The Changing Nature of Work (PDF)

Good Retention and Expansion Practices During Heightened Prospect Activity

View Webinar Recording

Tapping into the Veteran Workforce Pipeline

View Webinar Recording

Hire Heroes USA Slides (PDF)

Heroes Make America Slides (PDF)