Young Professionals Committee

For more information, contact Committee Chair:
Dylan Horne Metro Atlanta Chamber (706) 409-1044

2024 Action Plan

1. Host three (3) “Coffee & Hot-Seat” events prior to GEDA luncheon - These coffee chats will be centered around an expert in economic development

a) The goal of this event:

i) Create an informal environment that allows young professionals to ask a veteran in economic development a wide array of questions

ii) Provide networking opportunity for young professionals

b) Target “Hot-Seaters”:

i) Pat Wilson

ii) Anna Chafin

iii) Chris Pumphrey

2. Relationship Building Event - Ice cream social

a) The goals of this event:

i) Relationship Building

ii) Experience Jeni’s Ice Cream

iii) Create space for participants to share the latest happenings in their ED world

3. Project Presentation & Networking Event - Have a state PM, utility PM, and local economic developer walk-through a presentation

a) The goals of this event:

i) Give young professionals a detailed description of the highs and lows of a unique project that located in Georgia