Young Professionals Committee

2018 Action Plan

  • Promote the spotlight via email blasts and announcement after award announcement at monthly luncheon.
  • Plan dates for meet the team based off of GEDA monthly meeting calendar (content subject to change)
    • Q1: LEAF team – Brittany Holtzclaw
    • Q2: International team – Nico Wijnberg
    • Q3: LCSC team – E Jane Caraway
    • Q4: GDECD Workforce team – Matt Colvin
  • Secure sponsors for each session – begin in Q4 2017 for Q1 2018 and Q3 2018 for Q4 2018 and ask proposed participants listed below
    • Q1: Tom Croteau – Global Commerce Deputy Commissioner, GDEcD (project trends in the state, how communities can best prepare for projects, etc.)
    • Q4: Christopher Nunn – Commissioner, DCA
  • Secure session spot for spring conference with conference chair and get panel participants
  • Reach out to Colleges of Business at GA Southern and ABAC who have degrees in economic development to share about opportunities in economic development with various organizations, host students at luncheons and serve as a connector into the industry for students.

For more information, contact Committee Chair, Ashley Varnum.